Egyptian Goddess of Light

The love connection. We are all out there just trying to get some, find some, feel some, experience some to make this earthly experience, which at times can be very painful, worth enduring.

All of us are “Love CEOs” running our own corporations, seeing how much profit we can fill our hearts desire with. It is big business and we are all out there dressed in suites, robes, aprons, and a wide variety of costumes and masks cutting deals. Each of us running our own Cartels, drug runners of love; love trafficking. We are all looking outside ourselves, making deals, negotiating, getting paid, paying off, deals falling through, or creating grand successes.

Drug runners of love, that is what we are, and our best clients are those that need the biggest fix and many times that best client is ourselves. These are not non-profit organizations, all of it equating to grand life experiences of the heart and emotions, all of us seeing what we can get instead of what we can give.

The words, “I love you”, what the heck does that mean. I love you may mean, I will give you an orgasm if you give me an orgasm, or I will give you a false sense of security, if you give me a false sense of security, and we strike a deal. Security is an illusion. Is love an illusion also, or is it real? Do we, as humans, really know what love is or how to love unconditionally?

What really went on in Mother Teresa's mind? Didn't she get frustrated or feel unloved or used at times. What kind of a love corporation did she run? Human love is an interesting “business”, and I am beginning to think that that is exactly what it is. Is human love really that empty? Is connecting to another human always so conditional?

Why is “I love me” a rare and selfish statement?

So love is a business. Well as a business woman, the best business deals are when it is a win win situation and the business transaction is clearly defined, even printed in black and white. But these love deals tend to be more on the gray side, each person having their own illusion of what they are going to get out of the deal, many times with great expectations.

So here I am writing an article on love and I have never written anything with so many question marks.

Are we “pretending” to love someone to get what we want? Are we telling someone something they want to hear and not really what we feel in order to get approval, acceptance, material gain, possibly even just a smile out of someone? What are our motivations?

Instead of running a business to “make a killing”, why not run a business because it is your hearts desire and fills you with passion? In the same sense, instead of trying to “get” some love, why not try to “be” love. That is where, as Jesus said, “Love thy enemy”, truly comes into play. When we come from a true place of Namaste then we have caught a glimpse of love outside of “business deals” or “love trafficking”.

One translation of Namaste, a sanskrit word used in yoga, is the divine in me recognizes the divine in you, or we honor each other. The good and bad in me loves and honors the good and bad in you, and we are in a place of complete love and acceptance. What a concept! Is it attainable in this ocean of emotions called earth? Might we all be too busy bean counting and cutting deals? Possibly. But through these experiences, over time, and many heartaches and emotional upsets we might be slowly learning that love is not something to “get”. Love is something to give.

How can I give someone a flower if I do not have one in my possession? How can I give someone my love, if I do not feel it within myself? The illusion that love is outside of us is what is driving our society. Yoga means union or connection and symbolizes that which drives us forward in our consciousness; that grand desire to connect and find ourselves within another. So through that outside searching and many times heart wrenching experiences we are bringing love closer within. That is why we are running these grand Love Cartels and cutting deals.

My suggestion is to quit the business and go within. It is a grand project to find that space of self-love but once patented, processed and manufactured in grand scale from deep within the heart, there are limitless possibilities! Relationships then come from a space of authenticity. Instead of getting love we are operating from a space of being love and emanating love. This is the true “drug” or “love fix” and you don't have to cut deals to get some, it comes from within like an untapped fountain spewing out of control.

We have that potential, that spark of real love inside, we get glimpses of it, and that is what keeps us trying, but we have a long way to go, or maybe not. The beauty of it is that love is such a wonderful powerful force that we don't give up, like grand spiritual warriors, we keep searching and trying, and that is good. Our relationships, all relations, are our tools to reflect back to us, and give us the key elements on exactly how to find that love within. Conflict in relationships and its many different facets and complexities is simply a pointer toward realizing self-love, each of us having our own unique journey to discover that wonderful place within.

What does this have to do with awakening the Goddess? Goddess love, the shakti energy, is transforming, powerful, and unconditional and resides within us. It doesn't have to be a business of trying to get some. My marriage and family counselor friend once told me that “in general”, in her counseling she found men to be much more empowered and “in general”, women had more victim energy.

Her statement really affected me and I had to look at my own behaviors that disempowered me and kept me from feeling love and being loved. I feel that getting past blame or beyond victim energy and taking responsibility (more about this in future articles) for what we have created in our lives as women is one of the most empowering things we can do and allows us to find self-love. Blame, victim energy, and not taking responsibility are some of the energies that block the flow of self-love and keep our Love Cartels in business. It also keeps that powerful Goddess within sleeping.

I am not saying that men know more about self-love. We are all out there, as I said, running our Love Cartels, cutting deals, to get some. But I do feel that as women, the more we move away from victim energy and find self-love and self-worth many ills of relating in our society will be healed. Now is the time for the Goddess energy to come forth.

It is our turn as women to step up to the plate, stop running a love business, cutting deals, and looking for someone to give us something or “save us” and in the process selling our souls and robbing our power. It is time for us to know our worth. Once we really realize the beauty and grandness of who we are as women and claim our power then we have awakened the Goddess within and will truly emanate love when we relate to others and in the process transform ourselves and our society.

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