Have you ever wondered what was on the other side of quitting?
What if I didn't quit: the relationship,the diet,the job,school,or working out. What if I didn't quit? What if I went beyond that point where I always quit????How would my life be different?
What is on the other side of quitting?? W'ell recently I found out.I started a new job back in December and believe me when I tell you it was a rocky road,no clients,new management,
No money,etc.etc..I could go on with the list of challenges.There where many times I wanted to quit and I acknowledged each and everytime. Then I began to wonder hmmm, this is where I always quit-but what if I stuck it out?? How would my life be different? would it be?
What is on the other side of quitting?? Then I became curious and determined to stay. It became a game and I was excited. I would go for walks in the morning with my friend and we would talk about "what is on the other side of quitting" as if it was a mountain and I was reaching the peak and so very soon I would be able to see the panoramic view of both sides of the mountain" .
Well I am proud to say I made it to the other side of quitting.
Not only was this a lifechanging experience because I broke a very old pattern but I had one of the best months of my career. So my challenge to you as well as myself is: pick that one place in your life where you always quit, whether it's relationship,job,diet or working out and challenge yourself to experience what is on the other side of quitting..

Peaceful Journeys

Gypsy G

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